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Hello everyone,

My name is Bill Auer and I have been teaching guitar for more than 30 years.

I have included some samples and descriptions on my web page: –

A short description video can also be found on YouTube.

I am trying to promote the education of music and to teach guitarists how to understand music theory. They will then be competent to purchase full music transcriptions, buy professional recordings of music and to become songwriters.

My book ‘Discovering Your Guitar’ includes 364 pages of guitar techniques and music theory, history of guitar, no lyrics and 200 famous tunes, all self interpreted by myself. I have also included a technical description with each tune. Most of these transcriptions include 4 to 5 lines of guitar tablature and chord charts. In many cases I show different ways of playing the same tune.

My aim is to produce a number of these books and help guitarists understand music and not just copy transcriptions from the net. A music publisher in the U.K. once wanted to publish my book and the senior editor encouraged my idea to include technical descriptions with each tune. The senior editor left this company and my book was not published. I now have paid Xlibris to help me draft my book for publication.


I hope you get enjoyment out of learning tunes and understanding the songwriting techniques. Please don’t be scared when looking at lots of numbers on a tablature chart. Many chords are made up from five or six strings played together and then these groups of notes are simply repeated. A final bit of advice, I have found one of the quickest ways of learning a chord pattern or melody of notes is with the use of repetition, not intellect, Don’t mentally memorise a chord pattern, just play it a few times and you will be amazed.

Good luck.